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I have developed an energetic measurement I call The Compromise Bucket. I discovered it when my boundaries were crossed and that overflowed my bucket.

Most of us have been taught that taking care of other people is the most noble thing to do. And compromise is what makes relationships work. It is all about the give and take.

I used to be a big believer of this as well – always giving, over – giving at times, constantly compromising.  Until I found myself living life without any boundaries to my time, my energy and I felt depleted. Chances are you’ve been there too. Your Compromise Bucket is full because you do not have any boundaries.

I kept repeating the same patterns. Once the bucket overflowed and even if it was a perfectly reasonable small compromise, my bucket was full and the ability to compromise was completely gone.

I want to remind you that often it is in those moments when we are feeling at our lowest, they can also give us insight to breakthrough. I found power in realizing how much I had settled and found the courage to take care of me.

I had spent many years allowing my physical, mental, emotional and financial boundaries to be crossed. During those years, I kept increasing the SIZE of The Compromise Bucket. So, it took something really significant to make it overflow now.

I tried different ways to release the overflow of settling/compromising too much. I exercised, distracted myself with my dogs, used my dogs as an excuse to stay in an unhealthy relationship, allowing the opinions of others to dictate my decisions. I encourage you to not get to the point of running on empty because your compromise bucket is overflowing, as if there is nothing left in you.

I encourage you to not compromise so much that there is nothing left of you. 

I had to look deep in my soul and acknowledge that I WAS WORTHY of being treated with love, respect and dignity. And I had to recognize that started with me.

Now my Compromise Bucket has become an essential tool of understanding when I need to give myself love, care, and compassion. I use it to identify WHERE I’ve settled too much. And when I compromised out of fear or scarcity.

As you search in your Soul for the places, things, and concepts where you compromise…ensure the compromise fits IN your value system and ask yourself: Do I have a dream that needs to be addressed?  When you live within your values – you find your competence and you can be a role model to those around you.

Just be sure that Compromise Bucket is not keeping you from exploring YOUR dreams so you can show the best of YOU to this world. We need you!  

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