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2017 ended with a dull sadness in my life. I wondered, “What else is possible in my life?” I started working on a Vision Book in the first week of 2018. I spent so many hours putting it together. Each time I thought I had a beautiful expression of my vision of what I was seeking in life, I would read it and would find another negative statement. It might say, “I don’t want to commute in heavy traffic or drive more than 30 minutes.” As I explore my true inner authentic self, I started finding the real me who wanted ‘the commute to work to be simple and stress-free.’  

Three weeks after starting my Vision Book, my outlook had changed. I smiled more. I was willing to take a chance on something different.   

Fast forward to 2020. As I updated my 2020 Vision Book, I found I needed to change the way things. I was willing and ready to embark upon what I truly wanted in my life and to address the goals from a positive perspective. I found joy in awakening each day. I found satisfaction in sharing my gifts, and I found peace within ME. I liked ME again!   

It started with one small step in January 2017 and now. I was ready to embrace the genuine, authentic me. I am the teacher who builds bridges between empty places. The empty place may be an empty place in your heart or speaking your authentic voice, or it might be to connect a need in your organization. I truly grasped that I know how to build the bridge. 

If you are ready to embrace one small step to see ‘what else might be possible in your life,’ then come and journey with me.


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