Human Design is an overview, a movie trailer of your unique energetic blueprint. Human Design is provided to you with a graph that can be described systematically. The Human Design system will help you understand how YOU receive energy. I will show how you give or transmit energetically to those around you. It helps you understand when you are out of alignment and when you are in alignment. 

This process describes your personality and the parts of yourself that you are aware of, those you are unaware of and yet others are aware (unconscious). It helps you recognize your strengths, challenge areas, what motivates you, and where you thrive.

This unique design of YOU helps you understand YOU, YOUR WHYs, YOUR OBSTACLES, and HOW you can use the information to propel into life with more joy, ease, and peace.  You finally understand YOURSELF!

For me, I spent my entire life thinking was something wrong with me. I was told something was wrong with me because I could not sit still. I enjoyed doing 2-3 things at a time and I knew I did them well. For example:

1.    I could cook a complex meal with every part coming together at the perfect minute for an awesome dining experience! 

2.    All while doing the dishes, laundry, hanging up the clothes wrinkle-free, working with a client on the phone, and feeling totally at ease.

3.    The dishes used for cooking would be washed, dried, and put away!

4.    The laundry folded and put away.

5.    I was fine to do this and did not worry that others did not help me. I just did it and it was easy for me.

6.    EXCEPT…they all fussed and complained at me the whole time because I was doing too much. It seemed to make them feel angry at me!  I could not understand why! It was so confusing!

7.    I get it now. HD explained it to me.

 All of my life, I tried different experiences and liked them. There were few things I disliked doing.

I loved teaching. I could see programs that would work. I envisioned what it looked like when things worked and saw what might stop them from happening…and thus, I could put in fail-safes to prevent the obstacles from even appearing. I was asked, “How did you know that?”

Now I understand my gifts and why. My ability to do without thinking about it…and see without realizing it…and know without putting effort into it were just my unique design crystal.

It was hard for me to understand why these things I did with joy intimidated supervisors. Now I get it—only the supervisors who were controlling! My spouse loved that about me until he could not control it. Even family who could not tolerate how natural it was for me to be me!

All of my life, I was told there was something wrong with me…and I believed them until…

Human Design bounced into my life!  I remember the day that Aaron Marx shared the Human Design and asked us all WHO ARE YOU? 

I was a Manifesting Generator (MG) with a 3/6 and Cross of Incarnation called the Cross of Consciousness (Integrity).

Now, what does that mean?  It took me 3 years of intense studying, lots of money on classes and books, and attending several week-long trainings. 

WOW, I should have just had a reading!! It would have made my life so much easier! But you will get why I did not do that!!

So I am an MG, 3/6, Cross of Consciousness. This means: I am a Manifesting Generator who is naturally always and constantly busy. Natural to be busy! I had to be tired to sleep at night (Nope, not all the types do that!). I can and do flourish doing multiple projects at the same time and so much more (again, very few can do that and should not do it!).

My 3 meant that I to experiment on everything. And boy, I did do that!  I had to try it for myself and see what worked, what did not and why it did not…and how to take the next step. My 6 meant I had a DOUBLE WHAMMY of 3…and it would be very THERE to experience the first third of my life!  Then to observe and understand in the middle years and to become a WISE Role Model in the last third…and still having that 3 of an experimenter through ALL the years and decades!

(Now you are seeing why I had to do this for myself—and it took way too long and so much more money to do it that way).

When I read what Cross of Incarnation – Consciousness. I really understood so much more about me and I literally felt an emotional release (including tears of joy). Allow me to explain.

My earliest memory was being accused of something I did not do. I was told to close a door and I had not opened it and was told I did open it. That little 2 1/2 year old stated she did not open it. I was told that I did and I had to close it. I remember telling them I did not open it and I should not have to close it. I was punished physically at an extreme level…and yet, I still would not close the door. My integrity would not have me admit to something I did not do…and I was less than 3 years old. The memory of being accused of doing something I did not do is vivid to this day!

As I turned 12, my Dad used to tell me to not answer my mother when we ate a meal together because he knew I would not lie. He also knew that she would turn every word I said into something negative. She turned my good deeds into something bad and he tried to protect me.
My Dad protected me from her by sending me to go clean his truck and even though I would not have dinner. He took all that wrath from her –he did it on my behalf. He knew I would not lie and that I would end up punished for doing good stuff like cleaning or laundry.

Integrity was integral to every part of my being from day one and continues to drive me.
Remember, I am a 3 and 6…and I had to experience to understand Human Design. So instead of getting a reading, I had to learn the good, the bad, the difficult, and best ways for each soul…just so I could show others!  It was part of my unique design!

So as I started to learn, I read books, blogs, and took classes!  LOTS of classes connecting the dots! 

Unless you are a 3/6, you do not need to do all of that. You need a reading! Even if you are a 3/6, get reading so YOU can grasp your next steps with more ease. Don’t do a Jeana…a reading with someone who connects the dots and explains in words that make sense to you.

And most importantly…you learn to LOVE YOURSELF just the way you are!

I love me now. I love my design…my HUMAN DESIGN.  What I thought were terrible things about me is what makes me the perfect soul to help you connect your HUMAN DESIGN with your current body…so you can love yourself too! 

If you are seeking to explore more about your Human Design, book a session with me and spend a couple of hours understanding more about your unique design.

Allow your SOUL’s WISDOM to shine…allow the best of you to blossom.  Stop allowing others who tell you something is wrong with you! YOU are a unique soul who is here for your purpose…and to find peace and joy in living it! 

ALLOW me to help you connect with it! I understand why you need to know! Book your reading.

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