On Tuesday inside The Sacred Soul Container, we cleared energetic blocks that were preventing the realization of the members’ biggest dreams and full potential. ⁠⁠I created a super handy worksheet to help you define your dreams and identify what is in the way of your potential. ⁠⁠

Has this happened to you?⁠⁠

⁠⁠You want your dreams to come true but then something stops you from taking action that prevents that dream from realization. ⁠⁠

Here is how it might show up in both big and small ways:⁠⁠
👉🏻You think you have figured out your next step and then you have self-doubt and stop! Your self-doubt stops any action to make the dream happen!⁠⁠
👉🏻You want a different job BUT you don’t actually apply to any job postings.⁠⁠
👉🏻You might want to take care of your health BUT you won’t give up on your poor eating habits. Your low vibe self says ‘one more chip won’t hurt!’⁠⁠
👉🏻You want to date and meet that right soul connection BUT you don’t do anything to being open to meeting someone. ⁠⁠
👉🏻You might want to start reading more books BUT you don’t pick a title that might interest you. ⁠⁠
👉🏻You cannot let go of past experiences that you felt were failures, so you do not try or even dare to dream of something better in life!⁠⁠
You want to contribute to society BUT you don’t put yourself out there to let that happen, instead you hide. ⁠⁠

Ready?! ⁠⁠It’s time to Let go of the status quo (being stuck) and DREAM BIG. ⁠💜⁠⁠

As always when you’re in need of support, you know I’m here. Great Vibe Transformation sessions include a blend of chakra rebalancing and energy reading to help you attune to the root of imbalances, emotion code and clearing to help you release, restore and renew, and intuitive guidance through the Akashic Records to help you connect to your own inner wisdom.

For those of you looking to find a greater sense of who you are and your purpose, I’m also offering Human Design Readings. This unique design of YOU helps you understand YOU, YOUR WHYs, YOUR OBSTACLES, and HOW you can use the information to propel into life with more joy, ease, and peace. You finally understand YOURSELF!

May you take the inspired action towards your potential. 


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