How my clients have transformed:

My session with Jeana was incredible! Jeana’s energy is beyond powerful. I could feel the energy releases exiting my feet as she did them. She gave great examples and explanations along the way that made you feel empowered by the process. I will definitely be booking another clearing and recommending her. — Tara McCrory


“I have had the privilege to work with Jeana over the last few months. Jeana has helped me gain insights into beliefs from my childhood. Her intuitive abilities to ask the correct questions, and pinpoint the root issue is AMAZING!Others notice the difference in me. That I think is what speaks volumes to the work that Jeana is able to facilitate. She can do it for you also! ” — Trinh

“When I decided to worked with Jeana it wasn’t because I was suffering majorly in a specific area of my life, but I felt there were still some blocks that were preventing me from living abundantly in all areas. I narrowed this down to blocks of feeling unworthy and lacking confidence, especially as it came to manifesting my ideal career. After revealing and working through a few of these blocks, I can honestly say that I feel lighter, I definitely feel more confident moving forward.Finally, working with Jeana through all of this was an absolute pleasure. She was thorough in walking me through the process and was very warm and considerate when it came to revealing some of these blocks which I wouldn’t feel as comfortable sharing with just anybody.” Stasia

“Jeana explains things very well she is extremely articulate and the session flows easily. I was amazed and thrilled at what we managed to cover together! I’m very much looking forward to working with her again!” — Susie

“Working with Jeana has changed my life. When I first reached out to Jeana I was feeling stuck and lacking direction. I had already done a lot of personal development work, reading lots of books, attending seminars and worked with other professionals. That’s why it felt even more frustrating to be so stuck. Jeana was able to meet me where I was at and guide me on the missing pieces for me. Her combined academic professional knowledge and her life coaching is exceptional, there is no one out there like Jeana. She is a gifted teacher, she has shown me how to be empowered within myself. I feel equipped with the knowledge and a deeper connection within myself to be living life I’ve always wanted to live.” — Keidi


As a very mindful and intuitive person, I had tried to work through abundance, confidence and motivational blocks in my business (and in life) previously but it always felt like there was something stopping me. My sessions with Jeana uncovered what was holding me back. After our session’s money started flowing, a new client referral and inspirations for my next steps. Thanks to Jeana I have had more success in my business, a surge in my motivation and an improved mindset but best of all, I have felt lighter and embraced ease. She has been instrumental in me stepping into who I want to be and what I want for myself. – Marwa, Marketing Consultant

“I worked with Jeana over several weeks and it’s hard to put into words how deep and beautiful her work is. She has helped me work through a lot of deep emotional pain and I feel freer and more confident than ever before. If you’re feeling called to work with Jeana, I highly recommend her! If you’re on the fence about it, take the leap! You will be so glad you did.” — Allison


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