The Sacred Soul Container

A membership program that combines the solar transits of Human Design & energy work to support you on your life’s journey.

Frustrated, burnt out and tired of the emotional roller-coaster?

Know something is up, you just can’t put your finger on it?

Feeling disconnected from yourself regardless if you know, or are living your Design?

Struggling with understanding how to simply “let it go”?

Confused and searching for your next step and inspiration?

Release. Activate. Ascend.

Inside the Sacred Soul Container, a safe space and place to release what no longer serves you, heal from within, unlock your greatest potential, and build your unique toolbox of best practices so you can stay in alignment.

The Sacred Soul Container is unlike any other.

This subscription program is unlike any others, we work with the solar transits of Human Design to release blocks, then provide you a warehouse of tools and techniques you pick and choose, then build your unique best practices to activate your inspiration and empower you to ascend to new levels.

Masterfully designed to facilitate the release of what’s holding you back with the understanding of Human Design, mindfulness, embodiment, and EFT/Tapping to empower magical transformation.

To grow, evolve and live your most authentic expression of Self you cannot have one without the other.

Who is The Sacred Soul Container For?

It is for those looking to feel empowered in their energy, want to build their own UNIQUE toolkit of best practices so they feel confident in their guidance and aligned in their expression of their authentic Self.

Already within our container we have:

  • People who work in traditional industries

  • Coaches & Small Business Owners

  • Energy Workers & Healers

  • Mindset Experts

  • Marketing Gurus

Whether or not you know, understand and live your Human Design The Sacred Soul Container provides you a TOOLBOX of best practices where you choose what works best for the real unique you…along with LIVE sessions….and a warehouse of eastern and western resources.

What to expect.

52-Weeks of Energetic Support and Human Design Lessons

  • Weekly explanations of the solar transits hitting the earth, both the upper and lower energetics – the wise sage and shadow side- and what that could look and feel like for you whether the gate is activated within your chart or not.

  • Remote energy clearings using multiple energy healing modalities to empower you to let go of the unseen blocks, unwanted emotional baggage and all that is holding you back.

  • Increased downloads and inspiration through the clearing and activating of your energy field allowing you to experience the guidance and see the next step.

  • An empowered community of liked-minded souls.

Guided by the energy of the Solar Transits of Human Design.

Guided by the energies of the solar transits of Human Design and through the use of multiple energy healing modalities each weekly session works to:

  • Identify, clear and release the blocks preventing you from connecting to your soul’s wisdom and intuition.

  • Identify, clear and release the energy of the solar transit and how it could be affecting your day-to-day life.

  • Identify and release barriers to you living your soul’s mission.

  • Helps identify and release patterns of self-sabotage, imposter syndrome and more.

Downloaded from the Akashic Records.

Using the Akashic Records to further tune into the energy of The Sacred Soul Container allows for deep energetic connection, clearing and activations for all.

What are the benefits of these sessions:

  • Deep energetic releases occur from the point of origin touching each particle of your being from your mental, emotional, spiritual and physical bodies.

  • Receive energetic support and clearings no matter if you attend live or not.

  • Receive the benefits of the collective group energy.

  • Increased downloads and inspiration through the clearing and activating of your energy field allowing you to experience the guidance and see the next step.

  • An empowered community of liked-minded souls.

Your Energetic Exchange


Yearly Subscription Savings


Monthly Subscription

What you get inside The Sacred Soul Container

  • Weekly remote energy clearings and activations with replay.

  • Weekly solar transit guidance & lesson using information from Human Design, Gene Key, iChing & the Akashic Records to help you understand the interconnectedness of it all

  • Akashic Records download and guidance within the weekly energy clearing.

  • A monthly live Q&A


  • Access to the Human Design types, profiles and authorities video library

  • Access to the Energetic Sovereignty video library complete with videos on how to ground, clear your energy and a quick reboot practice.

  • An empowered community of liked-minded souls.

What people are saying…

Hear from Tara McCrory, Akashic Records Clarity Coach, one of the members inside The Sacred Container. She has been able to experience the transformations of inspiration, bursts of energy, increased flow of money, and simply feeling better or lighter.

I get so much joy and clarity from Jeana and these sessions. Jeana goes in depth and provides extraordinary value. Through this work I was able to transition to a new role and path for my career. I felt so supported by Jeana in this process.– Ina S.

Meet Your Guide

Hi, I’m Dr. Jeana Locke, I’m a transformational life coach certified in Human Design and multiple energy healing modalities as well as hold a Ph.D. in Applied Behavioral Studies in Education.

I spent most of my life in the field of education, teaching others how to find their career paths. After my own journey of self-discovery through energy work and human design I decided to tap into that knowledge and experience to empower others to live a more joyful and authentic life.

It’s for this reason that I created The Sacred Soul Container- to help you bridge the gap between where you are and where you want to be.

Embracing Your Power
Receiving Abundance
Focusing on Your Big Vision
Building yout Self Confidence
Receiving Abundance
Releasing Fatigue

Your Energetic Exchange


Yearly Subscription Savings


Monthly Subscription


When are the weekly releases?

Generally, releases will be Tuesday evenings at 7 pm CST. You will receive the benefits by being part of this sacred container. It is not necessary to join the calls live. A recording will be sent out each week.

What types of topics are covered?

The topics will range and be inspired by what the collective and you in the group are needing to clear the most. You can expect clearings on the topics of money, health, fear, career/profession, your soul’s mission, stress, experiencing peace and ease, and so much more.

Where are do I access the session?

The weekly sessions are hosted on Zoom for those who want to participate live. A replay is shared within 24 hours.


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