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Have you ever found yourself trying to put together the puzzle pieces of your life to make sense of it? I have found myself in this place many times – picking up the pieces to put my life in order.

Here is a lesson I would like to share with you – the right timing comes when you choose to live in alignment with your values.

My journey with this began once I started asking myself  “Who am I? What is really important to me? Do I know what is important to me? Am I living it?”Before I could find the answers, I had to see myself as the subject matter expert in my own life!
I was carrying the weight of my past hurts, what my family believed, what others thought I could and could not do. And even when there was no one there to tell me… the words continued to ring in my ears, my heart, and I saw me as not enough. Was I allowing others to decide what was important to me? This frustrated me the most!

After great introspection, I spoke to my spouse about quitting my job to focus on writing my dissertation. I felt as if I needed someone else to give me the “go ahead”. The next day, I handed in my resignation to the best boss I had ever had. I shared that I had to finish my dissertation, my Ph.D. and I really had to do it now.

And then I made a decision: Regardless of how I had lived my life up to this point, I could choose to change and live authentically. I had the power to choose.

To my surprise, he shared that he had completed all the coursework for a doctorate and never finished the dissertation! He proposed a better solution. He offered me to work part time from home – without having to supervise 5 departments across 7 campuses! I never dreamed of such a perfect solution. I had 6 months to research, write, defend, and be back at work. I said Yes! 
Five months and a few weeks later, I successfully defended my dissertation and became Dr. Locke. That day, I lived my VALUES. 

Education is a strong value for me. Because I was crystal clear, the Universe conspired to bring me to a higher resolution than even I could have imagined and provided me opportunities to live in integrity.

If you’re ready to start living your values, I invite you to inquire within.
What is stopping you from living in alignment with what you TRULY value? Are you taking the right steps at the right time? What are you willing to shift to get crystal clear on your priority? Do you need to see the full picture before you take action?


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