The Upper Limit Problem is our universal human tendency to sabotage ourselves when we have exceeded the FAKE upper limit we placed upon ourselves. It impacts all aspects of your life: money, relationships, love and creativity.

Join me in the next few videos as we uncover some of the biggest lessons from The Big Leap by Gay Hendricks: Conquer your hidden fear and take your life to the next level.

Watch the video below for Chapter 2. Find all the videos on this YouTube Playlist.

The 4 Zones:

1.  ZONE of Incompetence – hard for you to do..and you are not good at them

2. ZONE of Competence – You can do it but it takes some energy. Others can do them well.

3. ZONE of Excellence – You are extremely good a this. You are comfortable but there is more

4. ZONE of GENIUS – You are uniquely set to do these things. They are natural for you. Do so gently and gracefully and if we do not do it we keep getting an inner call that we are not doing what we are supposed to do. It may not always be work. It may be hobbies or volunteering.  Spending up to 70% of your time in your zone of genius is emotionally thriving and you can let go of those limiting beliefs with more ease. Your body, soul, and mind feel so much better.

Dr. Hendricks explains that when we UPLEVEL with anything we create a personal drama in our life. Let’s take money as an example, when we up-level and bring in more income than before and when there is an UPPER LIMIT issue—sabotage happens something stops the happiness…and you cannot identify it.

He defines 4 Upper Limit Problems – barriers that are based on fear and based on false belief.

1.    Hidden Barrier 1:  Feeling fundamentally Flawed.

a.    I cannot expand to this because ____You think something is wrong.

b.    When you GO ABOVE Your OLD Upper Limit—a little voice starts telling you it was a freak event, and you cannot be happy.

c.     You feel you are serving an invisible crime.

d.    You fear you will never find your purpose. Or You feel if you do you cannot live up to it. You are not good enough.

2.    Hidden Barrier 2: Disloyalty and Abandonment If I do this, I cannot expand to my full success…and I will be all alone.

a.    Did I break the family’s spoken or unspoken rules to get where I am?

b.    Even though I am successful, did I fail to meet the expectations my parents had of me?

3.    Hidden Barrier 3: Believing That More Success Brings a Bigger Burden

a.    An old belief that you are a burden. It really holds you back and defines the amount of success you can experience in life.

b.    If I show up any bigger (money or relationship or visibility), I will be an even bigger burden than I am now.  

4.    Hidden Barrier 4: The Crime of Outshining

a.    I must not expand to my full success, because if I did I would outshine ___ and they would look or feel bad. I have to be LESS THAN others.

b.    This may be: I cannot make more money than anyone in my family

c.     I cannot earn more degrees or do better than my ____ .


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