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Each of us has a different definition of self-care. My self-care practice is dependent upon my schedule. Sometimes I want a massage. Sometimes I want SPACE. Other times I need to have a way to not hear my ego talking in my ear!!  

I fit in a bit of self-care each day. I find walks to be excellent to connect with my self and nature. Epsom Salt baths are beneficial once a week! Often, it is exercise or being out in the sun side and meditate next to my fountain.

On Fridays, I have a ritual of touching every plant and removing all the old foliage. It is removing what is sucking the plant from thriving. I find it helps me release for me too! My breakfast nook is filled with plants. I experience a giant hug from the Universe when I do this. Another benefit is that I often receive a download from Source soon after. 

I invite you to create a few self care rituals for yourself. Maybe introduce something new to your routine?


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