This past year has been…well…challenging for all of us. Those challenges (some call them obstacles) have shown up in different ways for each of us. 

I have had my share too … too many ebbs and flows.  The last week of January was an ebb time! 

I was exhausted from all the unconnected pieces in my life. I was frustrated because it felt like things should be coming together….yet they did not feel connected. 

I can usually clear low vibes and I did it that week. However, one of those days, I became angry and yelled to the Creator that I was tired of this roller-coaster!  Get me off of it!! 

The next morning, while in the shower, I did my Blessing Bubble and cleared my energy…walked into my office….and was inspired to type  ‘Dissolve What Is No Longer Serving You.’

In addition to doing a Blessing Bubble (or God, Create The Day I describe), I started using it every morning and often, some form it at night or sometime during the day. 

Then last Thursday, 3 of my major intention topics in my 2022 Vision Book started manifesting…and all within 4 hours of each other! They were really important topics to me.  YES!!!  YES!!!  YES!!!

The dots in my life started connecting and I could see the dotted lines to the rest of the pieces of the puzzle called Jeana…and the next step and next. 

Later that day, I stated out loud 2 intentions that were important to me and WHY they were important. I shared how I would feel and what each would bless in my life. Then I read out loud the Dissolve What Is No Longer Serving You. I added to the end of it What would it take for these 2 intentions to manifest?  Release any blocks stopping this from happening.” The pendulum spun counterclockwise.   

Then I handed them to the Universe — let go of both intentions — and did not think of them again! 

Yesterday, between 4:20 and 5:30 pm, both of them manifested!  I was so surprised and thrilled…and THANK YOU to the Universe!  Both of these were huge and added great value to my life! My WHY’s were really BIG and IMPORTANT to me…and I did the work and released them so the Universe could manifest them…and they manifested.  

I have not been this trusting.  A whole different email on how I worked on trusting!!   Coming soon!! I trusted the Universe and I took the inspired actions! 

I think of these 3-4 minutes as an energetic bath…and it cleans off layers of years of blocks!  It might work in one day. It might take longer! It took many years for me to build and accumulate the blocks…I need time to clean them off…and to trust the divine blueprint and timing!  

I was using this as my morning energetic cleanse…and it took a month for me to see the dots between the good stuff to start connecting and showing up in my life.  The whole manifestation of moving to our home needs to be completed…but the steps are in place with smiles in our souls and we know the 2 pieces of the puzzle were perfect! 

Oh yes, there was a huge terrible, yuck, and extremely upsetting experience the night before my intentions started manifesting. Truly the darkest before the dawn. 

Someone was having a terrible temper tantrum. Directing it at me! I absorbed so much!  My zip -up did not hold that night.  

I went to my office. Shut the door.  Stated out loud (as I was crying) What would it take for the good stuff to show up in my lifeClear any blocks stopping it.”  I let the pendulum clear it. Cried more…and went to try to sleep.

If you would like to listen to ‘Dissolve What Is No Longer Serving You’, the audio is below. I was guided to make a video for you on HOW-TO do it and what it means. There is another audio of me doing it for YOU …serving as your proxy. So you can just listen to either one.

…or do it for yourself.  There is a PDF with all the words. Please say it OUT LOUD.  It is a pdf. I can send you a jpeg so you can put it on your phone….ask me if that would help. I will learn how to dconvert it!   

6 minutes: Audio 2022 02-24 The How-To Audio: Dissolve That Which No Longer Serves You.  This is an audio explanation of what things mean.


5 minutes: Audio 2022 02-24 PROXY Dissolve That Which No Longer Serves You.  This is an audio of me doing on your behalf. I serve as your proxy.  Use either or both!


The PDF:  Dissolve That Which No Longer Serves You.PDF.

Soul Hugs,



Self-care after a session. Some ways to help your processing: 

A. Please drink plenty of water.

B. Use an Epsom Salt foot soak or body soak.

C. Spray some great aroma spray.


E. Use ‘I feel’ statements and SAY them OUTLOUD to yourself. 

F. Ask yourself WHAT DO I NEED RIGHT NOW? 

G. Figure out a way to relax all your muscles.

H. Write a NOTE telling someone a positive they did for you & why it changed your life. 

I. Compliment yourself in the MIRROR. Say your name & I love you~

J. Remember to use I am (say your full name—the one that feels right to you) and only (say your name. I am a sovereign part of the Creator, the source of ALL that is. Say it 3 times. It pulls your energy back to you.


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