Using Ultimate Success Mantra to THRIVE in LOVE, Abundance, and Creativity

Join me in the next few videos as we uncover some of the biggest lessons from The Big Leap by Gay Hendricks: Conquer your hidden fear and take your life to the next level.

Once you know your Zone of Genius how do you live in it? Watch the video below for Chapter 5. Find all the videos on this YouTube Playlist.

Shortcut to finding your Zone of Genius: I have found that understanding Human Design really helped me embrace my Zone of Genius. It changed my world.  I am a Manifesting Generator (busy busy busy) who is a 3/6, an experimenter, and as I mature – a role model teacher. My Cross of Incarnation is the Cross of Consciousness and that is all about integrity!!  MY LIFE MADE SENSE!  If you would like to explore your Human Design, schedule a Human Design Session!

Dr. Henricks suggests organizing your inner guidance system to a Central Guiding Intention. He says to install this around the source of your being and ALL things in life come from that central being.  He related it to gravity and how you never think about gravity, it is just central to being here. He suggests it help you live easefully in your Zone of Genius.

He uses Mantras. Then every time your body drifts off of the mantra, just return to it. He uses his mantra to center himself in his Zone of Genius. He suggests saying it over and over until it feels natural and it beams it into the whole of your body.

Here is the mantra Gay Hendricks recommends to live in your Zone of Genius every day. 

The Mantra

“I expand in love, abundance, creativity, and success every day as I inspire other people to expand in love, abundance, success, and creativity!”

Find a way to remind yourself of the Ultimate Success Mantra. He uses breath, speaking it, and feeling it in his body.   Then you go right back to that CENTERED place.

I found this did not work for me.  So I want to share with you my method of living in your Zone of Genius.

The Jeana Method

Recall a time when you felt everything about your ultimate vision and your Zone of Genius were just perfect.  Sense, see, feel, hear, be in that experience. Be in those moments.

I feel the time I was guided to facilitate a new college campus in an area without easy access to higher education. Once the vision was there, then my life became keeping the VISION at the center of those leaders who controlled the purse strings and facilities.  Literally, to keep the vision from falling off the radar of the Higher Ups.  It was to help them recognize the ultimate value to the students at that faraway site!  Every time I thought of a new campus that I had initiated with a partner at a school district…I felt this LOVE inside. I was filled with hope, peace, joy, satisfaction and I could hear the celebrations of those that benefited from the degrees. I could see the graduations from the new campus before it was even a possibility. To dream the impossible dream. To open a new Early College High School. I could feel this. I could hear the sounds. I could see the faculty and each time a new way to proceed. 

For me to connect to my Zone of Genius is to go back to remembering how that felt. That was my Zone of Genius: to connect the dots to change the world in a better way, one community at a time!

For you, what experience have you had where you felt, sensed, knew, and became a better soul? That is Your Zone of Genius.  

To keep this memory close to your center, I encourage you to ask the Creator of all that is to download how that feels.  Then you can remember how it feels and when you move away from that feeling, it is not in your Zone of Genius. When it is moving you towards that feeling of ecstasy, it is in your Zone of Genius.  When you connect with a project or thing or experience that is in your ZONE of GENIUS, you remember how it feels and how to do it. It is a remembering and having the desire to do it more and you are drawn to do it. 

Dr. Hendircks has Step 2. He suggests that everything that would stop you from being in your Zone of Genius, you start saying no to it. You cannot say NO to everything, but you can stop doing major/significant things that take you away from your zone of genius.

When you say No to the big things that would take you off the path to your Zone of Genius, you feel better!  When you say Yes to things that take you off the path to the Zone of Genius, you feel yuck. 

For me the Zone of GENIUS was not about money…it was about contributing to the solutions for others…it was about making a difference…and yes, I needed money to live….but I was not asking to become wealthy or have large amounts of money….I did HAVE to contribute and be treated equitably for my contribution. Otherwise, I would become angry at giving too much energy.

So once you find that ZONE of Genius, be sure to review it and see if the GPS system is still working on what you want your life to feel like.

Oh yes, there is more: Ego and your Zone of Genius

While searching for your Zone of Genius your ego is going to play games with you because it is afraid of what would happen if you follow your purpose and how others would judge you.  Ask yourself: Is this about others judging me OR it is about me recalculating my Genius Zone?  If Ego – search some more. If recalculating—recalculating, be aware that You are going to grow!!

So Chapter 5 in review: Dr. Henricks mantra did not work for me.  If it works for you, that’s great!  For me, I tuned into myself deep inside and remembered the greatest feeling I had ever had related to my work and education. What had motivated me to be my best?!  Then I asked the Creator of All that is to download that feeling into me so I could recall it and stay on track to be in my Zone Genius as much as possible.

There are times when I am in the zone day in and day out for weeks, and then there are times when I cannot find it. I have discovered that I am upleveling to new realizations and the contrast of being out of alignment leads me to a new high afterward and I am motivated!!! Inspired, enthused, and ready!!


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