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With the beginning of a New Year, we all seem to be encouraged to dive deeper into New Year Resolutions and what we want from our life.

As I was talking with a close friend yesterday she exclaimed “I am SOOOO ready for a change!”. And proceeded to tell me all about the grief and heaviness she felt from the events of 2020, both for the collective experience and her own personal unraveling of events. What she was really saying was: “I am so ready to move forward and not be stuck anymore”.

I just wanted to leap from the screen and give her an ‘honest-to-goodness hug’. As I listened and empathized I could feel her hurt and frustration. Meanwhile, I thought about how much she had grown as a person this year!  From my perspective, she did not seem stuck as a SOUL. I could see how she had stepped into her value in so many ways. She KNEW exactly what she wanted. She had so much more DISCERNMENT.

Her value was not in terms of money – it was in all the other ways: emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.  Her belief in HERSELF was stronger than ever!  Her knowing what she wanted was so CLEAR.

For her, the topic of money had been the main stressor and pain point. Yes, money is important and should be considered. It is an energy exchange that we need to address individually and as a collective. She had a great job that should have been secure and then the organization began requesting unethical practices at far below minimum wage. It was not financially doable nor reasonable. It was supposed leadership manipulating those they could control. 

Let’s just say if anything could wrong in relation to money, it had gone wrong! Financially, it had been a devasting year for her. The pandemic had not brought the best of people in her personal and professional life. She had seen those she unconditionally loved put more judgments and conditions than she would have ever imagined. She felt who judged her. She learned who would LOVE her and support her without conditions.

She began to really see those she knew she could count on. She learned to count on herself. She stepped outside her shell and asked for help. She accepted help. She accepted love and care.

Her word for the year may not have been discernment, but that was what she received!

As 2021 rolled in, she was stepping into what brought her joy, love, and positive energy. She gained an understanding of who she could trust. She loved more and with more depth and her gifts to the world are being to shine. Tomorrow is her first podcast interview and a new beginning.

She found what she valued, why she valued it, and how to live within her value system. The road continues and her inner GPS system is recalculating often but she is getting there with CLARITY on what fills her up. She knows what she values and most importantly, knows her own VALUE. She has set up her life to be the way she wants instead of allowing the circumstances of life to dictate what happens to her. She is leading her life.

Are you ready to be UNSTUCK? Are you struggling with what you value? Is it confusing? D you know what you bring in terms of value to our world?

If not, it’s time for you to join Big Vision 2021 where you will discover your true values, establish your boundaries and create your life’s vision.


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