Unlock Your Life’s Authentic Blueprint

Dive into Human Design: Your personalized guide spotlighting the unique energy that’s unmistakably YOU!

Ever felt like there’s a deeper story to you, just waiting to be discovered? Welcome to the world of Human Design!

Unleash Your Energetic Potential with Human Design

With Human Design, you’ll dive into:

  • How you connect with energy: Understand the unique ways you tap into life’s vibrancy.
  • Radiating your essence: Learn how you influence and inspire those around you.
  • Navigating your path: Recognize when you’re living authentically and when you might need a course correction.

Your Journey, Guided by Experience

As a Certified Human Design and Quantum Alignment Systems specialist, I’m here to illuminate your path. Together, we’ll delve deep, uncovering your passions, challenges, and all the nuances that make you, YOU.

Transformation Through Understanding

My own introduction to Human Design felt like deciphering a long-forgotten language, one that spoke directly to my soul. Doubts and insecurities? They melted away. Instead, a newfound appreciation for my individuality took root, flourishing as I realized the unique contributions I bring to the world.

Each experience, every choice, became threads in a purposeful tapestry.

My affinity for Western traditions paired with Eastern philosophies wasn’t merely happenstance. I saw it clearly: My role is to harmoniously weave these teachings together, showcasing their combined brilliance.

Embrace a journey where joy, simplicity, and harmony become more than aspirations—they become your lived reality.

Ready to discover your authentic narrative? Embark on this transformative journey and celebrate the magnificent story that is unequivocally YOU!

How to schedule a reading

How readings are conducted

  1. Select your preferred session by clicking on the Book Now link.

  2. You will be able to set your time zone and be referred to the next screen.

  3. Choose a date and time that works for you and select Continue.

  4. Complete the intake form and review and sign off on Terms of Agreement, then select the Pay Now button.

  5. Complete your payment information and receive an email confirmation right away.

Please Note:

  • I’m always flexible and happy to book a time that works best for you, including outside normal working hours. Email me at Jeana@JeanaLocke.com for us to schedule an evening or week-end or a time that fits your time zone.

  • For Relationship Chart Readings/Family Relationship Readings, I need the information for both in a relationship or ALL members of the family. This need to be run and allow me up to 5 works day to prepare for the reading. For each person: 1) DATE OF BIRTH, 2) LOCATION of BIRTH: Country, State/Providence, and City. and 3) TIME OF BIRTH or an estimate as close as you know. Please list AM or PM.

  • If you plan to purchase a reading and you do not know your exact birth time. Please email me (Jeana@JeanaLocke.com) with the closest times you know and include AM and PM. I will need your 1) DATE OF BIRTH, 2) LOCATION of BIRTH: Country, State/Providence, and City. and 3) TIME OF BIRTH with the estimates as close as you know. Please list AM or PM.

  • All readings are recorded for you to take away and listen to as often as you like.

Zoom video conferencing is used for your reading so we can see and hear each other during the session. You can choose to have an audio-only session if you prefer.

You’ll need a phone, tablet or computer for our session. If you haven’t used Zoom before, don’t worry. It is very easy to use, and I send through clear instructions to help you prior to the session.

The reading will be recorded and sent to you within 48 hours of our session.

Other Options

If you prefer, readings can also be conducted using the following options:

  1. I can send you the reading as a recorded audio file which you can listen to in your own time.

  2. If you would like to purchase Your Unique E-book about your Unique Human Design, the option to do that is available after the reading at an additional cost.

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