The Upper Limit Problem is our universal human tendency to sabotage ourselves when we have exceeded the FAKE upper limit we placed upon ourselves. It impacts all aspects of your life: money, relationships, love, and creativity. How does your awareness of your upper limit show up in your everyday?

Join me in the next few videos as we uncover some of the biggest lessons from The Big Leap by Gay Hendricks: Conquer your hidden fear and take your life to the next level. The Big Leap is about learning the ART of how to stay in your Zone of Genius and Zone of Excellence and staying out of the zone of competence and incompetence. 

Watch the video below for Chapter 3. Find all the videos on this YouTube Playlist.

Getting yourself to Your Zone Genius is an art more than a science!!

We think some things are really easy and in reality, it took learning the art of doing.

Identify when we are Upper Limiting:

1. Worry – is useful ONLY if you can do something about it.  It is upper limiting yourself if you cannot do anything about it and it is crimping the flow of your good energy!!   Worry keeps us in the Zone of Incompetence or in the Zone of Competence. Seldom in our Zone of Excellence and never in our Zone of Genius!!

Ask Yourself: Is this a real possibility? Is there any action I can take right now to make a positive difference?  If not…it is an UPPER limiting issue.

2. Criticism and Blame When we criticize or blame someone else we have hit an upper limit.  When in the UPPER LIMIT mentality moment we can actually rationalize how other people are responsible.  Criticism and blame are addictions.

Take a whole day: and decide to not blame anyone else for anything. You will quickly find it creeps in, it is an addiction and it needs to be overcome so you can experience the breadcrumbs to your next step and in your Zone of Genius! 

3. Deflecting –  I see this all the time and it is was my biggest challenge.  It was hard for me to take a compliment.   If someone said my life was transformed by working with you I literally fumbled with what to say. I had to learn to say Thank You and stop myself from deflecting their statements.   

4. Arguing – Some people will start an argument when things are going too well or are too easy. They find a way to show it is not working by creating a problem.  We work at blaming and being a victim.  Then the other feels like the victim. If someone attempts to start an argument with you: Can you ignore them or do you have to defend yourself? Can you observe them without chiming in they are wrong? 

5. Getting Sick or Getting Hurt – Not all sickness or hurts are based on upper limits…but some ARE. Think of the time you did not want to do something or you were fearful of it say a job interview on Monday and you came down with a sore throat and high fever over the weekend and could not do the job interview!  The effect of US LIMITING our UPPER LIMIT takes a toll even on your body.

6. The Three Ps: Punishment, Prevention, and Protection – You know when someone does something out of alignment with their soul and you can tell by how they act. Some get physical symptoms (headache, back pains, upset stomach) are due to punishing themselves. Prevention and Protection are IF you did these, the symptoms will go away.  We don’t want to tell someone something and we get sick to protect ourselves.

7. Integrity Breach Think of integrity as the whole of you and if you have damage/breach in your wholeness when we do something that is out of integrity with our wholeness—our bodies react and it keeps us out of our Zone of Genius.   It is living with lies, broken agreements, and withheld truths.  When you notice you just UPPED to a new level…you might find you do something to block or breach it from happening again.  

Ask Yourself:

  1. Where do I feel out of integrity with myself?

  2. What is keeping me from feeling complete and whole?

  3. What important feelings am I not letting into my awareness?

  4. Where in my life am I not telling the truth?

  5. Where in my life have I not kept my promises?

  6. In my relationship with ______ what do I need to say or do to feel complete and whole?

8. The Attitude – Remember it is an art, not a science!   When you feel out of alignment is your attitude stopping you from reaching your highest altitude your next UPPER LIMIT? 

Consider the concept of wonder and explore. Do not judge or blame yourself. Decide to begin to do it differently and learn the ART of being able to reach your HIGHEST LEVELS.

EMBRACE a new story … let go of the FEAR… it is fear that is keeping you in lower levels!


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