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It was May 2018 and I had been experiencing four years of being completely disconnected from myself. One day after being so frustrated I decided I was going to get rid of whatever this was! Nothing had been easy and everything felt so hard.

I had tried all the things that had worked all of my life and none of them worked. Eating healthy. No sugars. Lots of exercise. Plenty of sleep. I keep trying and trying and nothing was working.  I mean absolutely NOTHING worked this time.

I had read this book by Dr. Bradley Nelson ‘The Emotion Code’. Something in it resonated within my soul. I reached out to find a certified Emotion Code Practitioner. I had consulting sessions with several different ones and they did not feel good.

Then I connected with the ‘perfect certified practitioner for me’. I started my first Emotion Code session and within the first hour, the relief I experienced was life-changing.

That was how the story started. Then three months later, I started my training as a Certified Emotion Code Practitioner.

If you are ready to kick FEAR in the butt and stop being STUCK -either in your business or your personal life, schedule a remote Emotion Code Session with me.

I know the difference between being STUCK in YUCK and how it feels to LIVE with JOY instead of surviving in Fear!