An Akashic Records reading is an opportunity to connect and align with the deepest level of your soul-level truths. It allows you an opportunity to communicate with your guidance team, your Masters, Teachers and Loved Ones.  Masters, Teachers, and Loved Ones only communicate within a safe, loving, positive, compassionate, and solutions-based manner. The information is for your highest good and evolution. It is also what is needed for you at this time. 

An Akashic Records reading is self-directed. This means you have the opportunity to ask your guidance team questions to receive clarity, peace of mind and next steps. 

What is an Akashic Records Reading? 

To Prepare:

Current legal name is required. To open your records, we need your current LEGAL name. It is the information stated on your tax records, driver’s license, or state issued identification.  You do not need to send this information, but you must state it in the process of opening the records.


  1. Please create a list of up to 3 open-ended questions and have these ready at the time of your reading.

Helpful hints for your questions! 

  1. Since we are in YOUR Akashic Records, they respond to questions about YOU. If you are curious about another person, the answers will be in relation to your point of view, how you can best support them, and what you can do for a more peaceful harmonious relationship, etc.

  2. The greatest benefit to you will be about your life now!

  3. Open-ended questions are not answered by a ‘Yes’ or ‘No’. Do not ask a ‘Yes or No’ questions. Reframe these to questions to start with ‘How, What, or Why’. These will give you the greatest opportunity for shifting. Ask conversational type questions.

  4. ‘When’ questions are not as effective since each of us have free will. The Akashic Field is at a soul-based dimension which guides you to your highest potential and path. Are your questions around timing about the clarity of the topic, the confidence to move forward…and ask about what truly concerns you.

  5. The Akasha is a multi-dimensional field and you do not need to ask about past lives, or ancestral or anything else. The Masters, Teacher, and Loved Ones will provide the information from the correct dimension. The information will come forward and be provided to assist you toward your highest evolution.

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