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Have you ever made a decision and later regretted it? Has that experience made you hesitant to make another BIG decision? I have. I made a big decision and regretted it. What I figured out about me was that I was stuck and unable to make another big life decision. There were times when the smallest or simplest decisions seemed overwhelming. 

Then I learned how to release those trapped emotions, and I found this part of me called my ‘Intuition.’ I learned that my Intuition steered me in the right direction; I needed to learn how to hear it. For years, I had shared with friends that I had to go bicycling (road biking), so I could listen to God. This was how it felt. I needed to hear and feel that voice from the Universe guiding me. It could hear it or feel it or know after I cycled. I wanted to connect with the VOICE anytime I needed, even when it was raining and I could cycle.  

 I learned how to connect. It was great! Even more, I learned how to ensure I was connected to the Creator, and it was not Ego taking control.

How did I know I was connected? How did I ensure the info coming through was accurate? I learned how to muscle test first. Then I learned how to connect with my Team of Divine Light, my team the Creator put together just for me. 

Learning to muscle test to ensure I was connected with the Creator opened the floodgates of the awesome infinite love for ME available through my Creator. I learned I could access that voice, that feeling, that knowing, that sensing, and it is always there ready to guide me and support me whenever I need it.