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Have you had those days where you were just not in the mood to exercise? My first thought this morning was to stay in and rest my eyes for an extra 30 minutes. My current favorite exercise is on this great rowing machine for 20-30 minutes a day. And I love that I can do it no matter what the weather is doing outside.  I can feel the difference when I do it and when I do not! So – I got up and put on my rowing workout clothes. Then…I had to convince myself to row.  

Would you believe that I got off twice? The first excuse was to get some coffee. Then off again for an extra splash of cream. But the next time I wanted to get off, I pushed through the excuses and completed the commitment to myself. 

As I headed to the shower I caught myself in a frenzy – I had a long day ahead and needed to hurry up. It is already going to be a 12 hour day and I am hurrying-up. Yup, I made that word up…I was hurrying-up! I recognized I was already starting my day on an emotional guilt trip. And I know many of you also catch yourself in this loop, finding a million reasons to not prioritize self-care and feeling really guilty when you do.  

Here is your reminder: Self-care is not selfish.

For me – I returned to my grounding practice of pulling my energy back into me. I felt gratitude for the warm shower. I felt gratitude for the luscious conditioner in my hair. I felt immense gratitude to be able to feel the water in my legs. A few years ago I could not feel my left lower back and leg. After surgery, I had to learn how to walk again, and for a year someone had to help me bathe. Then it took a while to be able to bend and for my left leg to support my weight to actually shave my legs. I now get to shave my legs every single day.

And soon enough I felt the appreciation, gratitude, and peace within me. I made a mental priority list and then I thought “Why had I been rushing?” 

I really could not give a good explanation of why I did this…except that I had conditioned myself to do it. It was in my head! Has someone ever called you lazy? Were you constantly told to hurry up? 

 It is when I slowed down that I realize that I am worthy of as much love as what I generously give to others.  I am grateful for this body and the freedom it provides me. I can walk!  I can see -even if the vision is challenging at times. I can row and bicycle. I am using both arms and can do my hair and so much more.  Because there were times when I could not do these things. I was so grateful and loved this body!

Should I stop being there for others? No. Should I get up a bit earlier to have more time in the morning?  Then I should go to bed a bit earlier so I get enough sleep. What actions can you begin to take now to prioritize your self-care?

Today, I finally stopped the frenzied feeling inside my body and said ‘STOP’. I gave myself permission to recognize that my thoughts were not supporting me. And that I could choose differently, I could choose to give myself the 10 extra minutes to feel taken care of, beautiful, and put together.  

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