Emotion Code™ Sessions


Are you ready to dump your emotional baggage to the curb?Are you ready to release that energetic weight keeping you down? Do you want to feel lighter, more joyful and experience life with ease?

Emotion Code™ is a wonderful healing modality that helps people identify and release trapped emotions within the body contributing to physical and emotional discomfort, self-sabotage and playing small, anxiety and overwhelm, the feeling of being stuck and much more.  Working with Jeana allows for a safe space to let go of what is keeping you stuck and move into a more abundant life.

Each single session is 50 minutes in length. Sessions take place either via zoom whereby you are requested to be fully present in a quiet place or can be completed via email through which Jeana will email you the session notes once completed. An email session allows you to experience the benefits of Emotion Code™ without you physically needing to be on a call. 

Jeana is a Certified Emotion Code™ Practitioner and working on certification for Body Code.