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Divine inspiration, intuitive hits, downloads, guidance – there are many names for the messages we receive from our higher selves or Source/the Universe. In The Sacred Soul Container, we’ve been diving into Divine Timing and Divine Inspiration.

Here’s how I used to think Divine Inspiration should come to me – always uplifting, positive, effortless and free of any resistance. When I’ve most needed to lean further into faith, I’ve caught myself seeking instant gratification.

That need for instant gratification and expecting communication to come the way I envisioned it or wanted it was the cause of my frustration. What I’ve found in exploring this topic with others is that I wasn’t alone in that.

Information and guidance for others flows through me effortlessly – it’s just magical! The downloads are FILLED with unconditional LOVE from Source. I get to witness their authentic SOUL in its fullest expression. I receive their SOUL’s greatest wisdom. I sense their SOUL’s deepest desires.

Today, it finally clicked! I get divine inspiration for myself differently than I do for others. 

It was during a session with an awesome Soul (and yes, all Souls are awesome) – but this one was different. It was with a SOUL who felt lost and disconnected. As the guidance flowed through, she felt herself connect back to her soul and returned to a sense of peace. She remembered that she could always connect back to this place of alignment within. My greatest joy is to be a vessel for the downloads my clients need.

For the Soul I worked with today, to receive divine inspiration, she is to journal and write her questions then write until the words show up.

These messages for me don’t look the same as what flows through me for others.

For me, it is me on my bicycle, swimming with sea turtles, working on a landscaping project – any physical activity in a safe place where my head is clear. In those moments, I feel at ease and am focused on just being. I allow my body to function without ‘efforting’.

Divine inspiration is always available – it’s up to us to open up space.

So, how will you create space for divine inspiration?


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