Creating Time for the Full expression of your genius

Join me in the next few videos as we uncover some of the biggest lessons from The Big Leap by Gay Hendricks: Conquer your hidden fear and take your life to the next level.

Have you heard of Einstein time? Watch the video below for Chapter 6. Find all the videos on this YouTube Playlist.

Have you ever had an experience where it seemed time stood still?  It felt like the feeling of bliss lasted for a long time and you did not try to measure it. You only knew how unlimited time felt to you at that moment.  A sunrise or sunset, the beauty of nature that was boundless. Love and joy of holding and cuddling a baby or a pet that brought you peace beyond description.  More happened in those moments and it changed you inside.


Humans measure it and give it a name.   Century, decade, year, month, day, hour, minute, seconds.  We measure and measure and compare and compare. This is Newtonian Time – it is like we do not have enough, too little, too late, judgements, lack, bogged down – Scarity!

Now go back to that memory of when time stood still at the awesomeness of an experience. A sunset, a hug, holding a newborn baby that moved your heart, the sound of music, a walk where your soul soared, whatever it was – go to it.

You just entered Einstein Time – that is what time is like when you are in Your Zone of Genius.

Now go to the measured, scarcity, and judgmental constraints of time – and you are back in Newtonian Time.

I admit that I am in Einstein Time when I am doing certain work and that is my Zone of Genius.  I do not notice time, I do not care what time it is and I get more done and feel great!  How do I get to Einstein Time? I remember those feelings of what it feels like to be doing something that is unlimited, limitless, infinite, awesome and I can go there. 

When I snorkel, I am in Einstein Time. My spouse, however, is not and is ready to stop after a few hours. 

I am in Einstein Time when I am connecting the dots. I can connect. I draw and write and no one may want to read it or listen to it but boy I am totally into it and time stands still. I might even forget to eat, and I do not feel tired or exhausted. I am just being.

How to identify what makes you feel that time is standing still:

I find peace and joy in Einstein Time and I love the feeling. I am in the Zone of Genius. I do not thrive when I am in my Zone of Competence or Incompetence. I get really tired. I watch the clock. I look for excuses to stop. I seek anything to get to stop!! 

In my Zone of Excellence – I can do it but will get tired after a while. There is too much time or way too little, and it feels yuck.

So few of us find Einstein time. I hope you find it in your work or hobby, with a loved one, or in nature. You have to own your time. You have to be responsible and note what it is that is good and working and what is not.  Then choose how to proceed.   I hope you teach your children to appreciate their Einstein time. Learn to embrace that you produce your time and how it is used. 

Ask yourself these questions:

Get yourself into the reality that you are the source of your time?  If it is being wasted – do what you can to address it. 

I’d like to share this example with you. I love Ms. Fisher’s Murder Mysteries, I like to rewatch shows or movies I have really liked.  I like to watch a Ms. Fisher Murder Mystery before I go to bed. I like to think of her courage – her responsibility for her own actions. I just like her!  But, I can find I do not watch one but will a watch 3 or 4 and stay up too late then be tired in the morning, and not want to get my routine going and the whole day is off.

When I am responsible with my time I set up a time I follow a routine. First, I get ready for bed and wash my face, put on my sleeping clothes, get my bed ready and my clothes for the next day. Then I watch one episode. I cherish that and head to bed with a smile. I sleep much better and awaken at the right time the next day. I start my day feeling refreshed and like things are right. When I watch too many and go to bed late, I am a grump the next day. My vibe is off – the whole day runs late and then I am a grump the next day too.

I like not being pressured to do things, as does Gay Hendrick in The Big Leap. It is easy for me to stay in my Zone of Genius when I am rested, not rushed, and refreshed. Because I know this, I will not be a victim to allowing time pressure to control me when I create it to stay up too late watching my Ms. Fisher solve the mystery I have seen her solve many times before (yes I rewatch them every 4-6 months!! LOL).

So now, take the Time to master these different stops and really grasp your upper limits. They are holding you back. Master your Zone of Genius and keep checking to ensure it is still the right one for you!! You do grow!


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