The Upper Limit Problem is our universal human tendency to sabotage ourselves when we have exceeded the FAKE upper limit we placed upon ourselves.

Join me in the next few videos as we uncover some of the biggest lessons from The Big Leap by Gay Hendricks: Conquer your hidden fear and take your life to the next level. I recommend it to all my clients. This book has a lot of information about how to overcome the feeling of being stuck in our lives. It helped me see and understand where I was repeating in the same limited patterns and begin to see things from a new perspective.

Watch the video below for Chapter 1. Find all the videos on this YouTube Playlist.

Our lives are determined by our behaviors, the challenges we take, and the excuses we make.  So many of these were set in childhood.

Each of us has an inner thermostat setting that determines how much love, success, and creativity we allow ourselves to enjoy. When we exceed our inner thermostat setting, we will often do something to sabotage ourselves, causing us to drop back into the old, familiar zone where we feel secure.

The Upper Limit Problem is caused by a too-low thermostat setting on our ability to achieve and enjoy our ultimate success. The thermostat gets set low early in our lives, at a time when we could not think for ourselves.

Later, as we dream about big goals and move up into realms of love, abundance, and creativity that are above our old thermostat setting, we bump up against the artificial lid that was placed on our success through unconscious childhood decisions.

WE need to solve OUR Upper Limit Problem or we will keep finding ways to bring ourselves back down when we’ve blown past our old setting.

Unfortunately, our thermostat setting usually gets programmed in early childhood, before we can think for ourselves. Once programmed, our Upper Limit thermostat setting holds us back from enjoying all the love, financial abundance, and creativity that’s rightfully ours.

It keeps us in our Zone of Competence or at best our Zone of Excellence. It prevents us from living in the ultimate destination of the journey — our Zone of Genius.

Dr. Hendricks provides these prompts:

1.    Am I willing to increase the amount of time that my WHOLE LIFE goes well?

2.   Am I willing to feel good and have my life go well all the time?  (not wanting or needing drama. And if it is not there – they make it happen, some people thrive on drama.)

3.   Are you willing to take the BIG LEAP to your ultimate level of success in love, money, and creative contribution. 

4.   How much love and abundance am I willing to allow? How am I getting in my own way?

YOUR EGO says it is s someone else’s fault you feel this way…

I f you say YES to the BIG LEAP, Stopping the self-imposed limitation that is keeping you from your ultimate success, that is the hardest part. 

Your goal is to get to your Zone of Genius.


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