Align & Elevate:

40 Day Intensive

Ready to raise your vibration? Revive and Rejuvenate your energy? As a highly sensitive and empath person you may be experiencing and feeling the energy of others around you and our collective. 

It’s time to connect back to your own energy and vibrate higher!

What you get:

  • Initial 90 min Session to focus on your topics

  • Personal Vibrational Report

  • Three (3) remote clearing sessions a week

  • Weekly check-ins

Throughout the month I will be clearing around a theme or topic that will bring you closer to your transformation and energetic sovereignty. These clearings are specific to you and your needs through the guidance of your Akashic Records. 

Experience the Elevate & Align – 40 Day Intensive: to clear all the goop and gump from your vibration to align with your SOUL’s Wisdom.


INCLUDED: Personal Vibrational Assessment Report is a written report of 10-15 pages measuring over 50 plus energetic components of each soul.


PRE-REQUISITE FOR WORKING WITH ME ON THIS PROGRAM: ~ The Individual Vibration Assessment must have been completed within the last 60 days. It is a pre-requisite for this individualized customized experience. 

Receive these benefits:

  • Enjoy more peace of mind as you eliminate unnecessary anger.

  • Become more courageous and confident as you release the fear that prevents…well everything you are not doing, having or being just yet.

  • Allow money, prosperity and abundance to flow more effortlessly.

  • Discover more ease in all your relationships as communication becomes easier.

  • Feel seen as your clients or potential partner can finally find you.

  • Become 100% embodied so you can be home to receives all the messages your body is sending to you.

  • Feel supported by the spiritual realm as they amplify your greatest powers.

  • Balance your logical, problem-solving, action-taker with your highly intuitive, creative, nurturer.

  • Release the life-draining connections to people trying to hold you back.

  • Allow the Law of Attraction to work in your favor in the highest vibrations possible.

  • Gain more clarity in all you do.

  • Enjoy more ease and wellness in your body.

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