Akashic Records Training Program  


A six-week experience to connect to your soul’s wisdom

The Akashic Records Training program gives you all the knowledge and tools you need to get connected and get more direction and clarity on your own life.

This 6-week transformational course is an intimate experience with one-on-one sessions and group classes to provide you with knowledge and the love and support from others ready to reclaim their soul journey. We’ll explore grounding, muscle testing, protecting your energy and of course the Akashic Records. Every part will be customized to your specific needs and you will get ample opportunities to practice and grow.

You’re in the right place and I’m glad you’ve landed here.

This is for you if…

• you are lacking clarity and have felt lost
• you are uncertain of when you are connecting to Source
• you are often stuck in comparison
• you seek approval from others
• you feel like there is always something getting in the way
• you feel disconnected or alone
• you have embarked on your spiritual journey but don’t know the next step
• you are looking for the support of a heart-centred community

Are you ready to finally make a change and step into who you were destined to become? Let’s start this journey together!

 What’s Included

  • Four weekly live customized, hands-on trainings

  • Step-by-step directions and resources

  • Guidance to help you cultivate your own sacred experience and pinpoint your spiritual gifts

  • Access to a closed Facebook group to connect and share in this journey

  • Two private 1:1 sessions with Dr. Jeana Locke

  • Intimate group of no more than 20 people

  • A safe space for you to explore and expand your spirituality in new ways

  • Extensive support and a heart-centred community

Bonuses (Valued at over $3000)

  • Gift of 1 year private subscription to Inner Circle Mastermind Community

  • How to build your personal Energy Bodies & Boundaries Class

  • How to prepare for an energy session: Clearing Your Physical Space and Your Energetic Space

  • Muscle Testing 101 Mini Course

  • Group Energy Clearing

This is a beginner friendly course designed for you to learn through practice. Your unique six-week experience will allow you to immerse yourself in the records.

What Past Students Are Saying


“I don’t feel afraid to connect”

“I had lots of knowledge about Akashic Records and energy, but I didn’t feel that I had a firm grasp on what to do when/how, so I wasn’t trusting myself and I was just avoiding it all together. Seeing Jeana’s process and understanding that I can do this myself – for myself and/or for others, has been my biggest takeaway. I don’t feel afraid to connect, like I did before the course.”

Ursa Swensen, Personal Coach


“I have never been calmer or more in charge of my own life”

“Jeana pushed me to expand beyond my comfort zone in a good way, and on the other side of that I recognized my own strengths as a healer, and my ability to connect in with my inner wisdom. Her patience and support are like no other and I cannot tell you how grateful I am for everything she taught me. It’s hard to imagine that even in the midst of this global pandemic, I have never been calmer or more in charge of my own life, I actually feel like I am finally the one driving, and I know it all started with this work.” — Jorie Hamm, Energy Healer


“Truly transformational for my life, my business and the work that I bring to my clients”

“I had no intention of taking an Akashic Records course. When Jeana offered it I got a nudge to explore. Accessing the Records through Jeana’s teachings has changed my life. I do not say this lightly. Before I would flip-flop between following my intuition and making strategic decisions. It was one or the other. Now with the help of the Records I know and more importantly, I trust that every decision and choice is made for my highest good. It has been truly transformational for me, my business and the work that I bring to my clients.” — Keidi Janz, Business Strategist


Meet Your Master Teacher

Jeana Locke has a Ph.D. in Applied Behavioural Studies in Education. She brings her years of experience as a Certified College Teacher with years of teaching experience to this program. With Jeana you get the benefits of learning not only from a Coach but a Certified Trained Teacher.

Jeana is a three times Certified Energy Practitioner. As a lifelong learner, her knowledge extends well beyond these official trainings.

She is here to guide you in your physical world and bridge the gap between you and your souls journey.

Course Outline

Week 1: Introduction and Overview

History of the Akashic Records. Learning how to use muscle testing to access your records. Building trust and strengthening your knowing, sensing, feeling, hearing, and seeing.

Week 2: Opening your records

Learn how to protect your energy and creating a sacred container. Practice using the different Akashic Record prayers that meet your personal style.

Week 3: Accessing the Records

Entering the Akashic Records and learning how to clear your space, energy while building your energetic boundaries.

Week 4: Asking the right questions

Practice, practice, practice and asking the right questions.

Bonuses (Valued at over $3000)

  • Gift of 1 year private subscription to Inner Circle Mastermind Community

  • How to build your personal Energy Bodies & Boundaries Class

  • How to prepare for an energy session: Clearing Your Physical Space and Your Energetic Space

  • Muscle Testing 101 Mini Course

Two ways to learn.

Private 1:1 Training

Live Group Class Training

What Past Students Are Saying


Before this course, I was unsure about my ability to use my intuition consistently and effectively. I had a lot of doubt. Jeana is so truly supportive and dedicated to her students’ success! She really does focus on each person who enrolls in her classes to ensure they get the exact support they need. I really loved learning how to keep my energy protected and clear. It was a big takeaway for me and one that I didn’t expect to get but that I use every day! In the 1:1 sessions were just pure magic! You have Jeana’s undivided attention as she pours all she has into your needs. I left every feeling more clear and empowered! It’s wonderful to also connect with like-minded individuals who are on a similar path. It was truly a transformational course! — Michelle, Workplace Wellness Specialist

Before this course, things felt a little scary and unclear. I didn’t fully trust my intuition. I use it with my coaching and Human Design business to tune into the person’s energy and have a better idea of how I can best serve them. I loved the course, it provided such a safe container. I have met some amazing women.
— Nadia Hicks, Human Design Specialist


I am so appreciative of Jeana and her Akashic Records class! My goal for the class had been to connect more deeply with my intuition in order to help myself and my clients in my holistic health coaching business. I had no idea what to expect but I learned how to access my Records, connect with my guides more deeply, listen to my guides better, and come up with relevant questions to ask my guides. Also, importantly, she taught wonderful techniques for grounding and clearing so that I could access all of this wonderful information more easily. It’s been amazing how much deeper I’m able to go now with emotional releasing for my clients. Thank you so much, Jeana! — Kerstin Ramstrom, Holistic Health Coach

Jeana helped me by providing different perspectives, other methods of clearing, confidence in my own abilities. I have more confidence now and can see how my clearings are helping myself and those around me. I enjoy being a part of this community to be able to see new ways of approaching things and learning about things that I have never heard of before.  It has also been very nice to have other people to discuss experiences with.
— Jamie Young, Business Owner

Are you ready? Inquire NOW!

If you know this course is for you and have more questions, please contact jeana@jeanalocke.com


How long is the course?

The course is 6 weeks long. There are 4 live classes and 2 weeks are dedicated to your 1:1 practice sessions with Jeana.

Are there any payment plans?

There is a payment plan option of over 3 months. If you know this course is for you, but you require different payment plan options, please contact jeana@jeanalocke.com

What can I expect?

A loving container of support and transformation through live group teaching calls, replays, worksheets, meditations and practices designed to help you truly become connected. 

What if I have more questions?

If you have more questions about this program please email Jeana directly – jeana@jeanalocke.com

One last note…

If you’ve taken the time to read through this page and landed here it is time to tune in to your intuition and ask if this is right for you.

You know your signs and the gut feeling. If you keep coming back here, you’re in the right place!

You deserve to live a life you love. Your guidance team is ready to support you, all you have to do is tune and listen. Say Yes to you!

Are you ready to finally make a change and step into who you were destined to become? Let’s start this journey together!


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