Dr. Jeana Locke

Master Coach: Human Design & Energy Healing

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                • aware something is up, but you cannot put your finger on it

                • overwhelmed at why things keep happening

                • puzzled about why those repeating patterns keep showing up

                • frustrated by a lack of positive results in life

                • afraid to trust your own judgment 

                • fearful of stepping into your power

                • confused and searching for your next steps

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Readings & coaching to activate your highest potential.

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“Jeana has a gift! I love that as she’s working, she explains how I can do it for myself. She definitely goes deep. Since we’ve been working together, I have more clarity on my business and the direction I want to move in.” — Amy

“I wanted to step into really owning being an entrepreneur AND seeing the financial success. Jeana’s with you every step of the way. But the true work is in the confidence it has given me, not only owning what I offer as a business owner but also how I view my self-worth.” — Jessica

As a very mindful and intuitive person, I had tried to work through abundance, confidence and motivational blocks in my business (and in life) previously but it always felt like there was something stopping me. My sessions with Jeana uncovered what was holding me back. After our sessions money started flowing, a new client referral and inspirations for my next steps. Thanks to Jeana I have had more success in my business, a surge in my motivation and an improved mindset but best of all, I have felt lighter and embraced ease. She has been instrumental in me stepping into who I want to be and what I want for myself. – Marwa, Marketing Consultant